S25A Pivot Dump Crawler Carrier


5,510 lbs.


Pivoting dump bed

180 degrees


Kubota diesel engine

46 HP


Heavy Duty Compact Carrier with Pivoting Dump

The Canycom S25A heavy-duty carrier with 180° pivoting dump box is designed for excellent performance and precise maneuverability in extreme conditions. The 46 HP Kubota Diesel engine hauls up to 5,510 lbs of load and climbs grades up to 25° with ease. A hydraulically operated 180° swivel dump simplifies the loading and unloading of material even on what seems like impassable, narrow terrain, while the 90° dumping angle ensures an efficient unloading process. A heavy duty rubber track undercarriage and chassis reduce impact on the ground with balanced weight distribution. Four see-saw type rollers maintain a comfortable, even ride even in difficult terrain as well as help absorb shock to the undercarriage and keep maintenance costs down.

Maximum payload of 5,510 lbs.
46 Hp Kubota diesel engine
180 degrees pivoting dump bed
2-Speed manual travel hydrostatic transmission
Swiveling operators station