6,614 LBS


Output Rating

46 HP


Bed capacity

1.8 cu. yds.


IC35 Crawler Carrier

Customizable and Durable with Easy Maintenance

The IHI crawler carriers can be customized to fit any job application. Modifications include digger derricks, insulated and non insulated man lifts, front and rear winches, and liquid tanks/firefighting apparatus. Heavy-duty lower track frame with sealed components are standard equipment. Over-sized bearings have been used in the lower rollers and an abrasion resistant material has been applied to all surfaces of the upper rollers.  Cross member technology strengthens dump bed stability and all tracks have been enhanced. The IHI crawler carriers have decreased the down time associated with maintenance. The lower track frame consists completely of sealed components. All access doors and engine cover are large and easily reached.

Maximum payload of 6,614 lbs.
46 HP Kukota diesel engine
Ground pressure from 3.7 empty to 8.7 PSI loaded
2-Speed manual travel hydrostatic transmission
Bed capacity of 1.8 cu. yds. (heaped)
Wide range of attachments
Wide range of applications