Digging Depth



Output Rating

10 HP


Backfill blade



9VX3 Mini Excavator

27.5”-37.5” Variable Width, Smooth Operation and Easy Maintenance

This ultra-mini zero tail swing excavator is much faster and easier alternative to any shovel or wheelbarrow for working in tight spaces. The 9VX3 from IHI is a small mini excavator with large potential. Tracks retract to 27.5” to allow passage through a standard yard gate, doorways or other narrow spaces. Size and power are ideal for residential or indoor work.

2,060 lb. Zero tail swing mini excavator
10.0 H.P. water cooled diesel engine
2-speed travel
Equipped Standard Auxiliary hydraulics
Standard backfill blade
Expandable tracks 27.5 to 37.5 inches
5’2 Digging Depth
Digging force of 2,360 lbs