Harford Attachments provides high-quality attachments for mini excavators!

Harford Attachments Quick Couplers for KATO Mini Excavators

Quick Facts. 

– KATO CES offers Harford Attachments’ Safelock, Uni-Lok, and Pro-Lok couplers, as well as a complete range of buckets, for their line of excavators.

– Harford Attachments are manufactured in the UK and distributed globally.

-Pro-Lok couplers are safe, double-locking, and sustainable mechanical couplers designed for peak performance and minimal maintenance.

-Safelock quick couplers are ideal for rental companies as the system is user-friendly and changing buckets can be done with just one integrated handle.

-Safelock buckets are specific to Safelock couplers and provide built-in security.

-Uni-Lok hydraulic quick couplers are designed with safety and convenience in mind and there is no need to leave the cab to change attachments.


Harford Attachments and KATO CES mini excavators are a perfect match. With our goal of providing you with the finest equipment in the world and keeping it running smoothly and safely, it makes sense that we would choose Harford Attachments products for our mini excavators. They offer a variety of pin grabbers, quick couplers, tilt couplers, and buckets that are specifically designed for excavator rental companies and dealers.

KATO and Harford have been working together for 15 years to provide only the best-quality, most durable, and safest attachments for our dealers and rental companies. All of their products are manufactured in the UK.

Learn about Uni-lok

Uni-Lok is a double-locking hydraulic quick coupler designed with built-in safety features and made from the highest quality materials. 

The best part? 

There is no need to leave the cab to change attachments. The easy-to-see safety indicator provides the operator with ease of use and peace of mind. 
Uni-Lok is tough, durable, easy to fit and operate, and requires minimal maintenance, making it the preferred choice for excavator operators.

What makes Uni-lok so special?

  • Safe, double-locking, fully hydraulic quick coupler
  • Change attachments easily from the safety of the cab
  • Hands-free operation
  • Hybrid hitch enables you to mix and match buckets

Learn about Safelock. 

Safelock couplers are an excellent choice for rental companies. The attachments are reliable, and the system is easy to use – just one integrated handle to operate when changing buckets. Safelock buckets are specific to Safelock couplers and provide built-in security. 

The Safelock quick coupler was designed after working closely with excavator rental companies for years to understand their unique needs and specific issues.

What makes a Harford Safelock® coupler so perfect for rental fleets?

  • Easy to install and use with no special tools required
  • Integral safety features for inexperienced operators
  • Limited theft appeal due to being a dedicated system
  • Superior build-quality, durable, and reliable

Learn about Pro-lok

Pro-Lok® is a safe, class-leading mechanical quick coupler with double-locking technology and built-in safety features. It is simple to attach, easy to operate, and requires minimal maintenance. 

The Pro-Lok manual quick hitch picks up all your standard buckets and will outperform and outlast any spring-type equivalent many times over.

Why choose the Pro-lok coupler?

  • Sustainable and easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Outlasts spring-type
  • Mix and match available with a hybrid Pro-Lok

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