Dealer Spotlight: Drobach Equipment Rental

Meet Drobach Equipment Rental. Drobach Equipment Rental has been a KATO rental house for many years (IHI dealer prior) and we are so thankful for them. We had a minute to catch up with Neil from Drobach and hear a little bit about why they love KATO CES. 

Drobach has been a KATO rental house for many years.  KATO CES prides itself on relationships, customer services, and the support that they provide to its dealers. Drobach Equipment Rental is just one of the many dealers/rental houses that are part of the KATO CES family. With that in mind, our dealers value that relationship just as much as we do! 

Neil, VP and General Manager of Drobach Equipment Rental says, “I get all kinds of manufacturers that stop by trying to sell us mini excavators and my reply is always the same. If your name is Mike Smith, I will talk to you. Otherwise, I’m happy with IHI/KATO. Mike has instilled in his people that ‘It’s all about the customer.’ Help them and they stay with you.  It’s really all about the culture — Compact Excavator Sales has very good people that know what they are talking about, and treat you very well. We’ve never have a problem contacting them; parts, tech support, sales — no problem. They all know the products inside and out. I have end users that will call Elizabethtown and talk to parts or service, get answers or part numbers, then call here to place the order. Try to do that with Kubota — good luck, it would never happen. The other big thing is that Mike stands behind what he sells you. If there is a problem, they can solve it. There are very few manufacturers that are as easy to deal with as Mike Smith and all his people.”

KATO CES is proud to partner with Drobach Equipment Rental as part of our dealer/rental house network!

About Drobach Equipment Rental

Drobach Equipment Rental has been in business since 1938. It is currently run by 3rd generation CEO John Drobach and 4th generation President John B. Drobach (JB).

Drobach Equipment services the Tri-state area; however, we have been known to say “Maine to Virginia” for our good customers. The history, service, and selection at Drobach Equipment Rental have made it an institution in the construction rental industry.

We’re an independent, family-owned rental company. We are always looking for the most technologically advanced tool that will make our customers’ lives easier.

Drobach Equipment has a wide array of rental equipment from air compressors to welders. We have a knowledgeable staff – some with more than 40 years in the business – to educate our customers on the equipment and its safe operation.

Our customers (some are 2nd/3rd/4th generation) will always get a friendly greeting at Drobach. They can count on us to do business with a sense of humor and a handshake!

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